Why join us?

1. Networking and Business contacts locally and internationally
With access to over 60 industry contacts locally and 20,000 globally, the opportunities to do ‘Business among Friends’ are endless. Whether you want to consider or feature new destinations for your travel agency or are moving to a new city, Skål is the ideal way to establish new business contacts. Membership also enables you to access the worldwide membership database.


2. Meet leading Industry experts
Take the opportunity to attend Skål business seminars, both locally and internationally to learn something new and keep abreast of ever changing global trends. Attendance at a World Congress is a must do experience. Not only do you meet travel and tourism professionals from around the world but through the new contacts you make at the B2B Workshop, you can come away with confirmed business.


3. Promote your business to 20,000 people
Through the members section of, you can promote your business at no cost to Skålleagues worldwide, as well as using Skål News, a quarterly magazine, to advertise to 20,000 industry professionals at very competitive rates.


4. Florimond Volckert Benevolent Fund
Through this fund named after the founder of Skål, we give assistance to members or their families who may have fallen on hard times through injury, loss of employment or illness.


5. Young Skål
This gives young professionals the opportunity to meet prospective employers, to work together with executives in the tourism industry and get support and guidance from them. The other side of the coin is that industries have access to a pool of talented young professionals all over the world to recruit.


6. Greeted as a Friend worldwide
As a skålleague you will be recognised and greeted as a friend wherever you travel. Hoteliers, tour operators and other service providers will constantly look after you and create great offers for fellow members.


7. Influence
Skål International is non-political and does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, religion, politics or social standing. Skål International contributes to the global industry debate with current board representation on the World Tourism Organisation; International Institute for Peace Through Tourism; WTO’s Forum on Sustainable Tourism Eliminates Poverty; and the Task Force on the prevention of sexual exploitation of children.


8. Charity Support
Although doing Business Among Friends is our aim, we also work extremely hard every year to raise money for charities both at a local level and internationally. In the last five years Skål Northern Ireland have raised £15,000 for charities including St Vincent de Paul, Cancer Research, Blind Centre, National Deaf Society and Marie Curie Cancer Care to name a few, and annually Skål International raises huge amounts for numerous worthwhile causes.


9. Events
Our Club Events combine a mix of both business and pleasure, ranging from our Travel Comedy Awards every April, to our Tourism Business Forum in October. The UK and Ireland National Congresses are well organised and worthwhile attending, providing the opportunity to spend a few days with travel colleagues and often includes participation by Skålleagues from Europe and beyond.